A Unique Tuscan Hotel

A unique new Tuscan Hotel, designed to complement the historic beauty of this famous area. Painstakingly planned over a seven year period. Poggio Piglia embodies the imagination and scrupulous attention to detail its owners have bestowed on the entire project The location is unbeatable, specifically chosen to bring the entire Tuscan, Umbrian and Lazio areas within easy reach. Poggio Piglia invites guests to revel in stunning landscapes and the legendary Tuscan atmosphere whilst being treated to legendary hospitality and pampered with every comfort imaginable. Poggio Piglia finally opens its restaurant to both guests and external clients and Salvatori Consoli will be the Head Chef. See more in our dedicated section



Olive Oil

Our oil derives from organic farming and all the olives are hand picking from more than 900 trees in our propriety. The oil is produced by cold squeezing out of 5 different qualities of olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Correggiolo, Leccino and Pendolino.

The oil has a pure flavour, without any aftertaste, and it’s perfect for all the kind of food.


The wine of Poggio Piglia presents, in spite of its youth, a sharp flavour and an important bouquet. Produced with Sangiovese grapes, it presents an intense ruby red colour and offers a perfumed bouquet of red fruits. In an elegant structure, delicate tannin emerges.

It’s perfect to accompany red meats, soups, cheeses and cold cuts.