The Restaurant

The place to discover and taste our exclusive culinary proposals, accompanied by our accurate selection of the most renowned italian wines.


Our restaurant is open every day to accommodate hotel guests and external customers. Our culinary philosophy is focused on the famous Tuscan meats, the renowned local cheeses, our vegetable garden products and our biological extra-virgin olive oil.

The idea of cuisine

Through the eyes of our Chef

The idea of Chef Jacopo is to create a very simple, genuine cuisine, avoiding fat and heavy cooking. Particular attention is given to the selection of raw materials, to the way in which high quality products are processed without altering the primary characteristics, to the knowledge and in-depth study of local products, combining family traditions with the innovation of modern culinary techniques. His art foresees a rebirth of the classic cuisine, renewing what it was without losing the essential, to savor what it will be and experience it in the world.

Our Chef

Jacopo Dionisi

Expertise in professional cooking techniques, accuracy and precision in work, talent and creativity, strong organizational and management skills, are all qualities that distinguish our wide-ranging chef Jacopo, born in 1997 in Rieti, Lazio. He supports with love, dedication and perseverance his innate passion for the culinary world even from the earliest years of his childhood. His training focuses on an amazing tenacity, dynamism and promptness to changes, and everything evolves and stands out thanks to his firmness and persistence in cultivating and sublimating his ideas and experiences.

Pool Bar

Cocktails and Light Lunch

The bar is a relaxing oasis adjacent to our magnificent infinity pool. here, guests can indulge in signature cocktails, made using locally sourced ingredients and high-quality spirits. additionally, a selection of light dishes such as salads and tasty sandwiches is available. with its welcoming atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding hills, the pool bar offers the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy an afternoon in complete relaxation.

Rich buffet breakfast

From 8.00 to 10.00

At our buffet, you will find homemade desserts, fresh fruit, and high-quality local organic products selected with care, including Fontecornino apple juice, Pianporcino sheep yogurt, and Sanguineto fresh caciotta cheese, all sourced locally. These are complemented by an inclusive à la carte menu offering options such as made-to-order eggs, customizable cheese and charcuterie boards and salads.

Elegance & Design

Surrounded by the Tuscan hills

The restaurant is a modern glass structure with a large terrace and panoramic views of the swimming pool and the beautiful Tuscan hills, which offers hotel guests an elegant and comfortable place to spend their time in extreme relaxation.

Raw materials

And local products

Our restaurant is open every day and for both our guest and external customer, offers a creative gourmet cuisine accompanied by traditional Tuscan dishes, homemade pasta using mostly locally sourced ingredients, such as Flour from Mulino Val D’Orcia, the Cinta Senese salumi and Chianina beef from the “Belli” butchery in Torrita di Siena, or the award-winning cheeses from De Magi, served at the end of the meal with excellent local dessert wines and vegetables sourced from both our garden and local producers.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From organic farming

Our extra virgin olive oil derives from organic farming and all the olives are hand picking from more than 900 trees in our propriety. The oil is produced by cold squeezing out of 5 different qualities of olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Correggiolo, Leccino and Pendolino. The oil has a pure flavour, without any aftertaste, and it’s perfect for all the kind of food.

Our Sangiovese Red Wine

An intense scent of Tuscany

The wine of Poggio Piglia presents, in spite of its youth, a sharp flavour and an important bouquet. Produced with Sangiovese grapes, it presents an intense ruby red color and offers a perfumed bouquet of red fruits. In an elegant structure, delicate tannin emerges. It’s perfect to accompany red meats, soups, cheeses and cold cuts.

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